Are you ready to elevate your brand image? Do you need someone to take over the digital and print marketing for your business? From corporate design to luxe stationery, I've go you covered. Take a look at an overview of some of my favorite clients and how I have given them a fresh, new attitude.








Meet Our Clients

A branding refresh for an all American company.


Randolph Eyewear has been handcrafting the finest eyewear with top-grade materials for the military since 1973. In early 2018 they underwent a tremendous rebranding with a fresh new spin on their logo colors, brand image, and messaging to appeal to a new audience outside of their normal scope. What was once a brand mainly targeted toward the military has now become a brand for anyone who expects a better quality and who encompasses the spirit of who they define as "individualists, the singular, the uncommon." Following their rebrand we have been keeping their communications, both digital and print, on-brand and relevant to their newly developed target niche.

 Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

 Email series to promote their exhibit at VEE.

Email series to promote their exhibit at VEE.


Event branding and design for an expanding law firm.


Geraci law firm has expanded beyond your typical legal service provider and now hold four of their own conferences each year on the East and West Coast. They pair investors, lenders, brokers, and software providers with who they need to know in the industry and teach the latest trends, business models, strategies on raising capital and legal knowledge to help grow business. We brand each event with a flair for the location and theme for each series. Each of these events require print and digital collateral such as sponsor brochures, flyers, social media graphics, signage and name badges, just to name a few. We also create logos and pitch decks for their attendees who are in need of branded materials and presentations.


Law Firm Services Brochure 


Pitch Deck Design

The brand that does it all.


Umm, The Sugar Philosophers has to be one of the most bad ass clients I've had to date. Why? Because the Queen Sugar Goddess, Kim, is a non-stop lady boss who does it all. Not only does she and her team do amazing dessert and candy styling for events, she is now the "go to" person for custom event signage and laser cut goodies. So, what is our role you may ask? Yes, we did design a kick ass logo to encompass all that is amazing about this company, but we also do product design and development. Check out some of the REALLY cool stuff we have designed for their product line.

CutItLab-32a copy.jpg

Changing the wedding experience one dress at a time.


So, this company was right up my alley being in the wedding industry and all. Their business is renting designer bridesmaid dresses online. Since they are mostly an online company it is extremely important that their brand speaks for itself through online ads and the packaging that goes into each of their shipments. We have provided an overall consistency with their brochures and packaging to provide a cohesive and pleasant experience for their customers who receive rentals and/or information about what they do.


 Brand Style Board

Brand Style Board

 Promo Postcard

Promo Postcard

 Pinterest Ad

Pinterest Ad