Founded by a love for design and user experience. 


It's safe to say that design isn't just about what people see on paper or on the web. Design is about the "feeling" that people get when they visit your website or look at your brochure, because in the end we all just want to "feel something", right? OK, that sounds kinda sappy, but hey, there is something to that notion, am I right? User experience is a big part of what we offer on a grand scale. Keeping your brand consistent is an important part of your customer's experience, and as subtle as it might seem, it is the driving force for why most people choose one brand over another. Doing piecemeal design work is counterproductive. Let's get a strategy down so you can get the most out of your branding experience. Let us take the reigns and give your brand the boost it so desires. We offer monthly services to keep your ad campaigns, social media and emails up-to-date. Need a brand refresh? That's what we love to do! Let's chat.


About our founder/creative director

Jen Sanchez has been designing since as early as she can remember. She was designing and crafting Mother's Day cards and selling them to students in her elementary classes, which goes to show her entrepreneurial spirit has been present since day one. Throwing parties is her favorite past time... the food, the decor, it all has to flow together, and each one is an opportunity to give her guests an experience they will never forget. Such is her desire for creating a design experience for companies large and small and individuals who appreciate good design and wish to bring life to their events and parties.

She loves to travel and Italy seems to have a soft spot in her heart. The art of the Renaissance and the beauty of the architecture give her unending inspiration. But no matter where she may travel to, she is never complete without her life squad, her husband and her son.