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Why Choose Social Savvy for Your Invitation Creation?

Invitations are a lot like introductions: presentation is everything. You don't want to be disheveled when you meet someone new. Likewise, you don't want your wedding or party invitation to come out looking like something a 6-year-old made in art class. With Social Savvy Designs, you can feel confident in the impression you will make with your invitations. Continue reading to learn more about what makes us a great resource for personalized party invites and more!

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Unique Designs

If you want people to show up to your party, you have to tease them with the invitation. At Social Savvy, you can find unique party invitations that are sure to excite your guests. We have classic wedding invitations and fun passport-style invitations that are a surefire hit.

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Custom Invitations

Be sure the people you invite know about your party, and say so with a custom party invitation. We offer a large selection of customized invitations that will make sure your guests know exactly what they're in for.

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Passionate About Event Planning

We love get-togethers. That's why, with us, you can create invitations that are more than just pieces of paper. We have a variety of other options, including custom bottles that say your message in style.

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Help You Find the Right Style for Your Theme

If your wedding is abroad, then you need to get your passports out! With Social Savvy, you can create invitations that fit your theme just right. We help you and your event stand out — all you have to do is customize the design.


If you are ready to have the party of a lifetime, be sure it starts off on the right foot. With personalized party invites from Social Savvy Designs, you can relax and know that your guests will be wowed by the beautiful details on every invite.


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