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Why You Should Theme Your Wedding With Custom Boarding Pass Save-the-Dates

Themed weddings can transport you and your guests to a whole new locale — sometimes literally, but usually just in spirit. Custom save-the-date boarding passes for weddings are a perfect way to bring a little imagination and adventure to your wedding planning process, and to make getting save-the-date invitations out a whole lot easier.

They’re Perfect for Themed Weddings

Custom save-the-date boarding passes for weddings are absolutely perfect for your travel-themed big day. They look authentic, but unlike boarding passes you get from the airport, these are made of durable card stock, with beautiful calligraphy on the front and rich, wedding-themed colors to make your wedding your guest’s destination.

They Make Wedding Planning Easier

If you want to get something unique done for your invitations, say a Mexico-shaped save-the-date magnet, it can be a nightmare to organize manufacturing for something so niche. Having premade selections and print or magnet options for you can save you time and even money in your planning.

They’re Impressive and Unique

How many save-the-dates can you say have truly wowed you? Probably not too many. Unique boarding passes for weddings can turn even the hardest critic, and get guests excited for your wedding. And while traditional save-the-dates can look beautiful, nothing says unique like a Mediterranean summer-themed boarding pass invitation.

They Tell Your Guests Everything They Need to Know

Aside from being beautiful and unique, custom save-the-dates do an excellent job of communicating to your guests when and where your wedding will take place. They're designed to be as gorgeous as they are functional, and they still accomplish everything (and more) that traditional save-the-dates do.

Custom boarding pass save-the-dates for weddings are a unique and effective way to get guests excited about your big day. Browse through our selection today, and send your guests on the trip of a lifetime.