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As founder and creative director of Social Savvy Design I want to welcome you my little piece of paradise! I have always loved designing for travel and themed events. It doesn't matter if I'm having a party in my backyard, I always want my guests to walk in and feel like they have arrived at a special destination. That's why I always start out with an amazing invitation so they get curious and excited about what's to come. My first goal is to make sure your invitation represents you and your event perfectly. I believe that an invitation is more than a piece of paper, it's a proclamation of the pledge you are about to make (in the case of a wedding), and the adventure that awaits. After the flowers have wilted, the last piece of cake has been eaten and the last song played for the night, your invitation will be a piece of your wedding/event that you can keep and will be part of your memories for years to come. It warms my heart when my clients send messages about how the invitation was the most favorite part of their event planning process. I'm with you on this part of the journey!

Every event is a destination, whether it’s in your backyard or on a tropical island.

It’s all about making your guests feel like wherever they are headed there will be an amazing adventure awaiting them. Your invitations tell a story and that story should continue to be told throughout your wedding journey. When I think about an event, the invitation is just the beginning. The vibe and branding should be consistent leading up to the day of and be apparent when your guests walk into your venue. It should say, “This is your event! This is YOUR time!” Let’s make it look amazing.